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At Encino Family Dental, we specialize in tooth-colored Dental Fillings. So if you have a cavity, lost filling, or damaged tooth, our Encino Dentist, can help. The dental office provides same-day appointments and accepts PPO Insurances for your convenience. Rest assured, your comfort and safety will be our top priority. So call today to schedule an appointment for your fillings treatment.

What Is A Filling?

Tooth fillings are materials that a dentist uses to restore the shape and function of your teeth. As the name implies, fillings are a material that fills in and replaces any missing tooth tissue.

Are There Different Filling Types?

There are 4 Different Filling Types. They are:
  • Composite Resin – A mix of fine glass and plastic. Great for small & large fillings and inlays & Onlays.
  • Amalgams – Mix of silver, tin, copper, & mercury. Durable & less costly.
  • Cast Gold – Made of a gold alloy. Very durable and doesn’t corrode.
  • Ceramics – Made from porcelain. Commonly used in veneers, inlays, Onlays, & implants. Tooth-colored & resistant to staining & abrasions.

A Note on Amalgams

Our dental practice does not offer amalgams or metal fillings. We believe that there are plenty of better alternatives. More tooth structure needs removing to accommodate amalgam fillings, which damages otherwise healthy teeth. Also, amalgam expands and contractors with heat and cold, which can result in tooth fractures.

What Benefits Do Fillings Bring?

Fillings are very common and conservative dental treatment. They help restore your tooth functionality while preventing future tooth decay. Fillings are very versatile in the benefits they bring to patients. Great benefits fillings can provide are:
  • Fill in and remedy cavities
  • Repairs broke and cracked teeth
  • Practical durability of upwards to 15 years
  • Can match and enhance your natural tooth Aesthetics
  • Some modern-day fillings can release fluoride
  • Helps strengthen a weak tooth
  • Will help prevent tooth infections
  • Better tooth function

Why Do People Get Cavities?

Despite being a sturdy surface, tooth enamel is vulnerable to decay. Sugar consumption is the main culprit for the decay. This is why diet is so essential for one’s oral health. The best way to limit and avoid cavities is to have a healthy diet while regularly brushing and flossing.

Are Fillings A Permanent Fix?

The longevity of your fillings will depend a lot on you and your dental hygiene habits. Fillings don’t have a set end date and will experience normal wear and tear. For fillings to last a long time, good oral hygiene is a crucial factor. At Encino Family Dental encourages everyone to brush and floss regularly. Good habits will help you maintain the best oral health.

Can Anyone Get A Filling?

Not everyone will be a candidate to receive fillings. For starters, one must have enough healthy tooth structure still intact. If a patient doesn’t have enough tooth structure, a dental crown would be a better solution. Crowns will surround the entire problem tooth providing the needed protection and restoration.

What're The Steps To Getting A Filling?

  • Local Anesthetic is administered to the treatment area
  • Appropriate tools are used to remove the damaged parts of your tooth
  • A shade of composite material is selected that will match the natural color of your teeth
  • Shaping & fitting of the composite material to fill in the damaged tooth structure
  • After the fitting, a special light will shine on the composite material to harden the filling
  • Finally, the filling is trimmed and polished so that it looks and feels like your natural teeth

When Can I Eat & Chew Normally Again?

Like many other dental treatments, every patient’s treatment recovery can differ. Our experienced dentist will shape the filling so that you will have a matching bite. There will be an adjustment period for your eating and chewing. Most patients need a couple of days to adjust to eating on the repaired tooth.
To learn more and get treatment, call Encino Family Dental today. Creating brand new smiles is what we love to do. We look forward to helping you soon.

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