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At Encino Family Dental, we provide dental bonding to better take care of patients’ smiles. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments will restore your damaged teeth. Giving your smile an improved appearance in the process. Our Encino dentist office solutions are affordable, durable, and long-lasting. With its non-invasive nature, teeth bonding is ideal for both kids and adults.

Can Dental Bonding Help Fix My Child’s Chipped Tooth?

Yes, bonding can definitely fix a child’s chipped tooth. Our Encino cosmetic dentist can accomplish this with resin application. By applying the resin to a child’s chipped tooth and then reshaping it to a natural look. Dr. Yassa will then match the resin shade with the surrounding teeth for a perfect color blend. Keep in mind, if the tooth is still growing, a future visit may be needed.

Is Tooth Bonding Treatment Uncomfortable?

With its non-invasive nature, cosmetic bonding is actually a very comfortable procedure. All our skilled bonding dentist will need to do is slightly roughen your tooth. Followed by applying a liquid conditioning gel. Finally, the resin material is placed, shaped, and shaded to match your teeth.

Can Restorative Teeth Bonding Fill In My Teeth Gaps?

For filling unsightly gaps between your teeth, restorative bonding is the perfect solution. Restorative bonding excels at closing those small but noticeable gaps between your teeth. This simple procedure is a great alternative to veneers or crowns.

Can The Dental Procedure Reshape My Teeth?

Yes, it most definitely can. Restorative bonding is great for lengthening or widening the appearance of your teeth. Resulting in a more uniform look across the board. Any inconsistencies amongst your teeth will be eliminated with bonding.

Does Cosmetic Bonding Help With Stained Teeth?

Covering up stains is a cosmetic benefit that comes with teeth bonding. At Encino Family Dental, we recommend patients try teeth whitening first. There will be times when whitening can’t remove stubborn deep stains. When this is the case, cosmetic bonding is the next best treatment solution.

Is Bonding Reversible?

Since bonding doesn’t require removing your entire enamel, the process is reversible. This affords patients the flexibility to change their appearance in the future. Such as using crowns, veneers, or other cosmetic dental alternatives.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Bonding?

Many insurances provide great coverage for tooth bonding. Especially when the treatment is done for structural reasons or to fill a cavity. Our dental office will be more than happy to check what coverage you may have.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Restorative bonding longevity varies. The treatments can last several years or several decades. All this depends on the skill of the dentist, materials used, and patient hygiene habits. So taking good care of your teeth will help increase longevity. Use soft toothbrushes and avoid acidic foods is what we recommend.
Despite being lesser-known, cosmetic bonding is a reliable solution for many dental problems. If you’re interested in learning more about restorative bonding, contact Encino Family Dentist. Dr. Yassa can perform a thorough dental exam. Then discuss how cosmetic bonding can be used to improve your smile. We’re confident you will be delighted with the results you will receive.
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