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Get immediate relief right now for your aching tooth pain. At Encino Family Dental, we are here to help you during your dental emergency. Our emergency Encino dentist will get you out of pain fast.  With state of the art technology and professional staff, you will leave our office pain free. We are here and open today to see emergency patients during COVID-19.

Dental Emergencies We Can Treat

  1. Loose wiggly teeth – Your teeth when healthy are steadily attached to your jawbones. They should never be loose. If they are, it’s either due to an injury or infection.
  2. Toothache not going away – Tooth pain that’s sensitive to touch and the temperature is a bad sign. Various things can cause this kind of severe toothache.  Your emergency dentist will need to conduct a thorough oral exam to see which treatment plan is best.
  3. Excessive bleeding of your gums – Aching and bleeding gums aren’t normal.  There should never be bleeding, even after routine flossing and brushing. This could be a sign of gum disease. See your dentist immediately to keep your gums healthy and teeth intact.
  4. Noticeable swelling of your jaw: This is a sign of a severe infection. It can be an infection of your salivary glands or a severe tooth infection.  Symptoms include a bad taste in your mouth, fever, and difficulty breathing.
  5. Pus around your tooth – Known as a dental abscess. This dental emergency can cause severe pain, sometimes shooting to your ear and neck.  Bacterial infections cause abscessed teeth. Your emergency dentist will be able to exam and treat.
  6. Canker sores that aren’t healing – Mouth sores will heal on their own. If you’re noticing yours still haven’t healed after 2 weeks, call your emergency dentist.
  7. Recurring constant headaches – There are many possible causes of headaches. One is bruxism, clenching of the jaw. Excessive grinding of your teeth can lead to headaches. An emergency dentist can prescribe a mouth night guard.
  8. Your tooth went numb all a sudden – Losing all feeling in your tooth isn’t a good sign. Your minor toothache has now spread to the nerve. Emergency dental care will address this.
  9. Unexplained metal taste in your mouth – If you have fillings, they can become cracked. These cracked fillings will give off a metal taste. See your emergency dentist right away. 
  10. Severe Tooth Pain From Growing Wisdom Teeth – When our wisdom teeth grow out, our jaws lack the space to accommodate them. This causes the tooth to grow against the neighboring teeth causing pain from the impaction.

Is It Safe To Go To The Dentist?

At Encino Family Dental, we always prioritize patient safety. Rest assured our emergency dental clinic is open now and practices safe sanitation practices recommended by the CDC & WHO. Encino Family Dental always goes the extra mile to provide dental care that’s not only effective but safe for you and your family.

Why choose Encino Family Dental?

Our office understands the urgency of the treatment you will need. It’s better to go to an Emergency Dentist versus the Hospital ER, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only is it safer for you to come to our office, but Dr. Yassa will also be able to address the root of your pain. We offer same-day emergency dental appointments Monday through Friday. We are also available on Saturdays by appointment. Our goal is to treat your dental emergency with minimal discomfort and inconvenience. Call us today to get immediate emergency dental care.


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