Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are simply replacement teeth when your natural tooth is missing. These teeth implants act as anchors to support a crown or prosthesis such as a bridge or denture. 

Are Dental Implants Painful?

Considering getting Dental Implants but concerned that the surgery might hurt? Rest assured the procedure isn’t painful. In fact, most patients report minimal discomfort. This discomfort arises only after surgery and is very minimal. Most patients find dental implants to be far easier than they expect and easier than many other routine dental work. However, if you do experience pain, it will be manageable and if necessary, our cosmetic dentist will prescribe pain relievers. 

What Are The Negative Side Effects Of Implants?

Like any other surgery, getting implants has its own potential risks. Some potential risks include:

  • implant site infections
  • damage or injury to surrounding tooth structures, blood vessels or nerves
  • nerve damage leading to numbness, pain, or tingling in teeth, gums, or lips
  • implant protrusion into a sinus cavity

These risks are low. When these issues do arise, they are easily treated. In summary, getting implants is a very safe procedure.

Are Implants As Strong As Real Teeth?

Implants are the next best thing to having your real natural teeth. And they are very strong.  The reason is that implants anchor to your actual jaw bone, instead of your tooth roots. 

Can You Eat Hard Foods Like Nuts With Teeth Implants?

Yes! You most definitely can eat hard foods. This goes back to implants having their anchor to bone. This allows for stronger pressure to bite down without causing any damage. Unlike other teeth replacement like dentures, you can eat almost any food with a dental implant.

How Long Do Implants Last? 

Your dental implants are made from titanium metal that is anchored into your jaw bone. With proper care, expect your implant to last 20+ years, if not a lifetime.

Call Encino Family Dental today to learn more about this great procedure. Our Cosmetic Dentist can help you see if getting dental implants is best for you.