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Finding the right dentist for your child can be an overwhelming experience. As a parent, you’ll want to ensure your child has an amazing first experience at the dentist. This will make it easier to get your child to the dentist’s office for their next checkup. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist and don’t know what to consider, you are in the right place. Below you will find helpful tips for choosing the right pediatric dentist.

The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

While you may put off your child’s first dentist appointment as you think they are too young, it’s better to get them in as early as practicable. Dentists recommend that you bring your child to their first dental visit by the time they turn one or when their first tooth comes in, whichever happens first. After their first visit, dentists recommend that children get a dental checkup every six months.

Regular dental visits, in combination with a healthy daily oral care routine, can ensure that your child’s dental health is in good shape. This is because children’s dental health is directly correlated with their dental outcomes as an adult. In addition, oral health is directly connected to one’s overall health. Getting your child to the dentist regularly is a benefit for their oral health, overall health, and confidence levels. Finding the right children’s dentist in Encino can also make all the difference when it comes to their short- and long-term dental health and outcomes.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pediatric Dentist


This is huge when it comes to children, as a welcoming and child-friendly environment can make all the difference. Check out the dentist’s office photos and visit a few that are promising in person. While you can often trust online review sites, it’s always best to see what the place looks like to ensure your child will be comfortable.


While all dentists have to attend the full duration of dental school, pediatric dentists have an additional few years of training. The pediatric specialization is not just focused on the anatomical differences between children and adults, but also how to work with kiddos as patients. As fun as children are, they can often pose unique challenges in a dental setting due to the nature of the profession. Finding a pediatric dentist who can keep your child’s dental health in top shape, in addition to making it a great experience is what you need.

Dentistry Approach:

Very few areas of medicine actually take a preventative approach. However, dentistry is one of the exceptions. Talk with your pediatric dentist about their philosophy and approach when it comes to their dental practice. A preventative approach will provide the best outcomes for your child.

Customer Service:

One of the best ways to tell how a business will treat you is based on their customer service skills beyond just routine questions. Are you getting huffs and puffs when you ask more than a couple of questions? If they don’t have patience with you over the phone, they likely won’t have patience with your child when they are anxious or chatty during a cleaning. Consider how attentive their front office and support staff are, as it can make a huge difference in terms of your child’s experience at the dentist.

Family Dentist in Encino

Dr. Marian Yassa at Encino Family Dental has worked with children on their dental health for years. She focuses on providing a safe, clean, and welcoming environment to ensure your child feels comfortable. Dr. Yassa and her team at Encino Family Dental are eager to help your child build a healthy oral care routine to ensure their teeth and gums are in top shape. Contact the top family dentist in Encino today for an appointment!

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